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6039: Need help in gathering info for Haitian asylum case (fwd)

From: Christie Constantine <ConstantineC@LCHR.ORG>

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> My name is Christie Constantine, and I work with the Asylum Program at
> Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in New York.  A coworker who is on your
> Haiti list serve mentioned that you might be able to help me.  I'm hoping
> that you might be able to provide me with some information in connection
> with an asylum case that our organization is considering taking on.  
> The potential client is a young woman from La Gonave who employed by the
> Tet Ansamn pou Sovtaj Ayisyen party.  She was forced to flee during the
> May elections.  She is currently detained at an INS facility in New
> Jersey.  I am hoping to verify a number of details in the case, and have
> not been successful yet.  
> 1.  I am trying to confirm attacks against her party's members and
> candidates, Tet Ansamn pou Sovtaj Ayisyen.  Specifically, Ms. D was
> attacked on May 19th in a raid on her home by Fanmi Lavalas supporters.
> They set her home on fire as she fled.  That day, they also burned the
> office of the candidate for deputy senator with whom she worked, and
> apparently at least one person was killed in this fire.  The deputy
> senatorial candidate's name is Edmond Louiket.  Have you heard of him, or
> of the incident of his office being burned down or other attacks on La
> Gonave?  
> 2.  Do you know if this party is limited to La Gonave, or national?  If
> not national, in your opinion would a member continued to be threatened if
> she moved to another area of Haiti, say P-a-P? What is your general
> opinion of the level of danger she would face if she returned to La
> Gonave?
> 3. Do you know how I can obtain a list of candidates for the May
> elections, especially for her party?
> Thanks very much for your time, and any help you can provide.  Feel free
> to circulate this message to others who might have information.
> Regards,
> Christie A. Constantine
> Legal Assistant--Asylum Program
> Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
> 333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor
> New York, NY 10001-5004
> Tel:    212-845-5232
> Fax:    212-845-5299
> Email:  constantinec@lchr.org
> http://www.lchr.org