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6042: Re: Final response to Pina (fwd)

From: charles Manus <cmanu@starpower.net>

> Kevin Pina"'s post is nothing short
> garbage. By using "many believe", "those who are familiar with", "common
> folk", "them and many", "those who are most informed", "an opinion" Mr.
> is hiding behind the 3rd person to disguise a campaign of misinformation
> personal attack on Leon Manus and other decent citizens. Cheap tricks!!
> His lies and manipulations on Leon Manus and his family carry the Lavalas
> officials' bitterness provoked by Manus' courage to stand against their
> anti-democratic plans and tell the truth about the fraudulent manipulation
> of the May 21 election results.
> Mr. Manus is nobody's poster boy. He is an honest and proud Haitian
> who's only mistake was to try to help his country by coming out of his
> retreat to be part of the electoral council. He hoped to play a role in
> he thought could be a fair and democratic electoral process.
> "Many believe he has been bought off". What a disgrace! Mr. Pina went
> overboard with his repugnant and shameful accusations. After ten years of
> complete mismanagement of the democratic process in Haiti, the public has
> grown accustomed to this type of language from the Fanmi Lavalas
> and foot soldiers. This has become their trademark. I won't take much time
> commenting on Pina's innuendoes about my professional life, except to
> him that he should try to get better information and use better judgment
> before venturing on a topic that he has no idea about.
> Anyway, it must be a new strategy. Whenever now someone publicly disagrees
> with Lavalas, he's associated with Jesse Helms and Co. Pina's innuendoes
> laughable, pathetic, and baseless.
> These tactics won't scare me, I have seen worse. The real point of those
> like Pina and other Lavalas apologists, who place Aristide on the
> is that everything and everyone is at fault but the "Ti Pe". They will use
> an arsenal of lies, insinuations, and falsifications to defend their idol.
> The Haitian people Pina claim to know so very well and have met during his
> "extensive travels throughout Haiti", have given the best response to all
> his allegations during Sunday's elections. Their non-participation in this
> masquerade speaks volume! 
> It's a shame that somebody has to go through all these convolutions in an
> attempt to destroy other people's credibility.
> To end this chapter, let me say that I am open and willing to continue any
> healthy and intelligent discussion on Haitian politics, but I am not
> interested in continuing any exchange with anyone capable of using these
> repugnant methods. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to waste
> time on such grotesque trivialities.