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6055: UN - OAS - U.S. Department of State (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

                 Annan recommends folding UN mission in Haiti, calls for new forms of aid 
                 28 November -- Secretary-General Kofi Annan has recommended the termination of the United
                 Nations International Civilian Support Mission in Haiti (MICAH), pointing out that in the country's
                 current climate of political turmoil and instability, new forms of assistance must be devised.

                 In a new report to the Security Council and the General Assembly on MICAH's work, Mr. Annan notes
                 disturbing signs that political polarization is growing in Haiti. He points out that in the absence of any
                 solution to the country's overall political crisis, popular discontent is likely to mount, which could lead to
                 further turmoil.

                 "A combination of rampant crime, violent street protests and incidents of violence targeted at the
                 international community could severely limit the ability of MICAH to fulfil its mandate," the
                 Secretary-General notes. "At bottom, MICAH support is contingent upon legitimate counterparts who
                 enjoy the esteem of the Haitian people and that of the international community," he adds.

                 The Secretary-General stresses the importance of a constructive dialogue among Haiti's political leaders
                 and civil society "so as to address the needs of one of the most impoverished populations in the world
                 and create an enabling environment for international financial and developmental assistance." He notes
                 that political turmoil has hurt the economy, which in turn has led the security situation to deteriorate.

                 "Firm action to stop this downward spiral is long overdue," Mr. Annan writes, emphasizing that "in the
                 absence of such steps, the misery of Haiti's long-suffering poor majority will only be exacerbated."

      November 27, 2000


                     OAS Statement on Haitian Elections


      Yesterday's elections in Haiti for President and nine senators took place in accord with the
      timetable established by the Constitution of Haiti but without any correction of critical deficiencies
      in earlier local and legislative elections. Following the previous elections, which took place May 21,
      2000, the OAS Electoral Observation Mission had reported that the computation of results by the
      Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) followed neither the provisions of the Constitution of Haiti nor the
      Electoral Law. 

      Pursuant to OAS Permanent Council Resolution CP/RES. 772(1247/00) of August 4, 2000, the
      Secretary General has sought to foster dialogue "to identify, together with the Government of Haiti
      and other sectors of the political community and civil society, options and recommendations for
      resolving, as expeditiously as possible, difficulties such as those that have arisen from differing
      interpretations of the Electoral Law, and for further strengthening democracy in that country."

      Between Aug 16 and Oct 20, four OAS missions, the first headed by the Secretary General and the
      last three headed by the Assistant Secretary General, produced substantial dialogue, but no
      consensus broad enough to achieve a national accord to resolve the political crisis in a manner
      that would elicit the support of the international community.

      The decision of the Haitian authorities to proceed with the elections on November 26 despite the
      absence of such an accord avoids an interruption in the timetable for presidential succession
      established by the Constitution of Haiti, but does not alter the need to ensure the broad political
      representation and citizen participation critical to the development of Haitian democracy.

      The Organization of American States is committed by articles 2(a) and 2(b) of its Charter to
      promote and help consolidate representative democracy and to assist Member States to establish
      conditions conducive to prosperity and peace for their peoples. True to these Charter obligations,
      the OAS remains ready to assist the government and the social and political forces of Haiti in their
      efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and to contribute to an environment of peace and
      security in the country.

U.S. Department of State
                             Office of the Spokesman
                             Press Statement

           Statement by Philip T. Reeker, Deputy Spokesman
           November 27, 2000 

                                    Haiti: November 26 Elections 

           Yesterday, presidential and other elections were held in Haiti. According to local and international
           media in Haiti, as well as analysis from resident diplomatic missions including our own, voter turnout
           was low. Although there were reports of isolated violence, the balloting appears to have taken place
           without significant incident. 

           The United States did not send official observers to Haiti or provide electoral assistance because
           Haitian authorities have not addressed serious irregularities associated with the May 2000 legislative
           and local elections. 

           The United States will continue to engage and support the Haitian people in pursuing our mutual
           interests which include strengthening democracy, improving respect for human rights, eliminating
           poverty, stemming the flow of drugs through Haiti to the U.S., and addressing the sources of illegal

           Responsibility for remedying electoral flaws still resides with the Haitian authorities. Low voter
           turnout and pre-election violence are strong indicators of the need for reconciliation among all
           sectors of Haitian society. We urge all Haitians to respect the rule of law and to work together to
           strengthen democracy and improve the well being of the Haitian people. 

           [end of document]