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6070: arrests of Joannis Jackson and others in US (fwd)

From: Mary Durran <durranmary@hotmail.com>

Does anyone have an update on the news story below, on the arrest of Joannis 
Jackson et al?

Is the deportation going ahead, as reported in the news story?  Does anyone 
know if Haiti has re-requested the extradition of Jackson since his in 
absentia conviction for the Izmery murder?

Mary Durran

       Nov. 20 - Fourteen former "members of armed forces and paramilitary
       organizations " were arrested last week in Miami (Florida) for 
violations of
       human right made before their arrival to the United States, acording 
to an
       official source. The American Immigration Service (INS) specified in 
       official statement that among the arrested people implicated in 
       torture and assassinations", are citizens "of Haiti, Peru, Honduras 
       Angola". They will be subject to deportation procedures.

       Captain Jackson Joanis, officer in charge of the Haitian Anti-gang 
       unit under the military dictatorship between 1991 and 1994, figures 
on the
       list of the detained people provided by the INS of Miami. In 1995, 
Joanis was
       convicted in absentia for the killing of Antoine Izmery, a 
businessman and
       active supporter of then-President Jean Bertrand Aristide. A Haitian 
       sentenced Jackson to life in prison.

       Also included among those arested by the INS in Broward and Palm 
       counties were former members of the infamous Tonton Macoutes in 
Haiti, a
       militia that supported the 29-year Duvalier family dictatorship and 
has been
       accused of killing thousands of civilians.
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