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6077: Haitian jazz group Mozayik to be featured on "The World", NPR , radio show 12/1/00 (fwd)

From: Simido@aol.com

The Haitian jazz group Mozayik will be featured on "The World", the daily 
hour-long world news show co-produced by National Public Radio, WGBH Boston, 
and the BBC. 

"The World" is broadcast daily at 3pm EST on public radio stations throughout 
the US and beyond, and the music review portion of the show is generally done 
near the end of the show, 3:50 -4:00 pm.  Mozayik's segment is scheduled to 
run TOMORROW - Friday, Dec. 1st.

In the New York area the show is broadcast on WNYC 820 AM, and the show can 
also be heard live on the internet at www.nyc.org.

To find out more about MOZAYIK, including free downloads of their music, 
visit www.mozayik.com.