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6073: who wants to compromise? (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Amid all the claims and counter-claims around Sunday's elections, it was 
interesting to read the following snippet from an Agence haitienne de Press 
report (my translation from French):

AHP 29 November - The president of the Haitian Bishops' Conference, Mgr.
Hubert Constant, on November 23, mentioned that the former president 
Aristide had been ready to meet the leaders of the opposition at the time
of a meeting which he had had with Mr. Aristide last October, well before 
the elections.

"But it was these leaders of Democratic Convergence, who have always
complained that they have not been able to meet him directly (face to face), 
who were not willing/prepared to have these conversations",
added the prelate.

Mgr. Constant had wanted to play a role of pre-facilitator within the
framework of the mission of good offices of the deputy secretary-general of 
the OAS, Luigi Einaudi.

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