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6082: A response and close of a personal disagreeement for the list.

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

Since a charge was made by Kathy Grey by name, I did feel I needed
to at least offer a reply to the person attacked.  But, this will
close the personal feud for the list.  

        I have asked Bob to please post a clarification from me regarding 
     Mambo Racine's statement that I sent threats, etc. If Bob wishes, he 
     may post my messages to the Mambo for all to read, but suffice it to 
     say that none of them included or implied any threats; just my attempt 
     to help her understand the Haitian Kreyol use of "Blan". We don't want 
     anyone coming to Haiti and having bad thoughts about our people, so I 
     attempted to explain. I am sorry that I appear to have prolonged the 
     discussion, even though most postings appear to have said the same 
     thing; albeit possibly in a softer manner.
        Now let's get on with creating good feelings about Haiti, Haitians 
     and a new and positive direction for the country.
                      Most sincerely,
                      Father Michael Graves (archim)

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Subject: Re: Responding
Author:  Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> at INTERNET-MAIL
Date:    11/30/2000 10:54 PM

I will accept a clarification of the direct charge made to you,then I want 
the issue off the list.  It's just not waht we are about.
People may well dislike Kathy.  I don't doubt that.  They can attack 
her arguments and claims all they want.  But, I allow people to say
what they want about issues, no matter what they say, just not attacking 
persons instead of ideas.
So, find, I'll post some sort of clarification, then let's just 
bury it.