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6086: Re: 5923: Pina responds Simidor (fwd)

From: KEVIN PINA <kevinpina@usa.net>

Mr. Simidor et al,

Firstly I do not care whether you are Chavanne, Herve Denis or the pope, you
simply cannot propigate a seemingly unwarranted antagonist view the way these
gentlemen have without consequences.  Speeches and utterances made by them are
tantamount to incitement and I am not at certain that this was not the
strategy behind these taunts at Lavalas from the beginning.  In all fairness I
will wait before commenting further as a few real journalists will be
returning with a fuller picture to share.

Secondly, I was there that day in front of the CEP when the incident occured
with Ronald that supposedly sparked the little coup that never was....my
camera was rolling.  Closer than any other journalist as a matter of fact,
other journalists will attest to that, and you simply have it all wrong. It
did not happen that way but I admire your imagination.

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