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6096: Re: 6087: The cost of democracy to Haiti: Poincy comments (fwd)

From: caineve@idt.net

> My only hope is that some in this so diverse, eclectic opposition, recognizes 
> that it's best for the sake of the country, to negotiate in good faith with 
> Fanmi Lavalas. Otherwise, short of an "invasion" which most of them seem to 
> hope for, Lavalas if they play their card right and democratically, will be 
> in power for a very long time to come.
Hyppolite,  ?mon ami?, you couldn?t have said it any better. This is the 
irrationality of Ayitian politicians and their backers that I?ve been talking 
about and you have eloquently presented. I know no cure for it and democracy as 
some of us wish it to be in Ayiti is far to be one. You pointed out the 
possibility of having Lavalas in power for a long time, if the oppositions 
don?t behave properly; myself I am stressing such a length of time as a 
necessity, ?a must be? to really give birth to true democracy in Ayiti.

Unless Aristide uses a strong hand to force the oppositions or anybody else to 
follow a straight line, the country will be ungovernable. Even if the 
oppositions agree to enter in agreement with Lavalas, it will be for a short 
period, because no Ayitian in authority position can tolerate others in 
authority positions on an equal footing. It?s either them or no one else. This 
is a mentality to change. Changing this mentality is a social phenomenon that 
can be done through education (not formal education) and it is not an easy one. 

One presidency term is insufficient to promote these kind of social changes. 
Hence, the reason why I advocate a government for at least a generation. Again, 
there can be the transfer of power, but within the unique body of government 
with the required ideology. Within it, democratic processes can take place. We 
need not to forget that democracy in essence is merely a form of decision 
making process.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live


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