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6090: Re: 6050: Re: haiti article (fwd)

From: WendyGG@aol.com

Greetings list members,
I wanted to add my voice and thank Michael for his article.  I appreciate 
reading the positive and knowing I am not alone in these perceptions.  I 
believe most of us know the Haiti Michael (and Melinda) wrote of.  I believe 
it is likely the fundamental reason we are all on this list wanting 'news' of 
Haiti. (But perhaps I'm wrong/naive in this assumption?)

I must say, I get disappointed at the repeated negative perspective (and 
often lies perpetuated by the negative veil)  that seems to characterize the 
majority of  'Haiti news'.  It is even more distressing when i read the very 
articulate and disparaging posts that go on between readers and lovers of 

I am a development person, I am a person who has spent her life working to 
facilitate the empowerment of people, as individuals and as groups.  I have 
learned that while differences need to be addressed, they are not  what 
brings people together, nor does focusing on the problem help to move past it.

I so wish we would contribute more positive postings, and post with an 
assumption  that we are all doing what we feel is right and best for 
ourselves and Haiti (even if we all don't agree).   I wish we would respect 
the differences and find our common ground, especially when it relates to 

What Michael has seen is what many of us see on first arriving in Ayiti 
cheri....the amazing spirit of the people.  Let us not forget that, let us 
not focus on the negative that we begin to know better and better as we see, 
feel and live with the constant challenges that most Haitians in Haiti deal 
wtih as a matter of course.  

If we can't see the light amidst the darkness, or we see it but don't focus 
on it, how will we ever know how to move towards it?

I have been feeling this for a long time,  I wish the folks on the list would 
look at themselves in posting challenging opinions, towards what end are the 
posts being made?  Perhaps even entertain the possibility that the truth of a 
situation lies somewhere in between/encompassing the varied shared 
perspectives.  It is work to look beneath the obvious,   Maybe if people 
began looking for commonality as opposed to differences we could come 
together to DO something powerful.  Perhaps we are as guilty as the 
journalists and photographers that find it easier to focus on the negative, 
the conflicts, the 'ugly'.....afterall, it does make for lively discussion.  
It just isn't the road I choose.  My experience shows me that while it is 
important to share and address the negative and the differences, focusing on 
them doesn't lead to the places I (and others) usually desire to go.

Again Michael, thanks for the positive post.  I too enjoyed Melinda's post 
and was ready to comment then, thanks for giving me yet another opportunity 
to say my piece.
Thanks for listening,