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6105: Re: #6088: Mrs. Mellon died (fwd)

From: PPARYSKI@aol.com

Haiti has probably lost one of its few contemporary saints, Gwen Mellon, who 
is being buried next to her husband Larry Mellon in Deschapelles today.  She 
possessed that rare combination of courage, spirit, intelligence, 
perseverance (and I might add inner and outer beauty) and deep devotion to 
Haiti and its people. She, her husband and the HAS brought relief from 
suffering and hope to hundreds of thousands of poor Haitians,   She and her 
husband's personal fortune were buried in the rich soil of Deschapelles and 
grew into a miracle.

I feel enormously privileged to have known and worked with her.  She was one 
of my heroes.  May her spirit still protect Haiti!

Paul Paryski