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6107: Re: 6085: power struggles in Haiti and the U.S. (fwd)

From: Walter Miale <wmiale@acbm.qc.ca>

(Author of 6085:  writes that there are more serious policy differences
among US than
among Haitian politicians, but does not the "opposition" in Haiti, such as
it is, represent for the most part the economic elite, and easy
accomodation to the heavy hands of Uncle Sam and the IMF, and does not
Aristide still represent the bottom 98 percent? The two U.S. candidates
agreed on most of the issues facing the nation, from support for sanctions
on Iraq and the war in (on) Colombia and Israeli militarism and dictators
generally and increased military budget and missile defense and subsidized
arms exports, to support for NAFTA and WTO and an ever shrinking public
sector and an end to welfare and more prisons and more police and more
corporate welfare, etc etc etc.

It seems to me that the tone of the statement you commented on...

>Haiti is no bigger than a typical New England state, albeit densely
>populated, yet its factions behave as if a whole subcontinent is at
>stake.  to me, it seems the country is politically dominated by a bunch
>of adolescent smart-alecks fighting up in their treehouse

...shows a kind of stereotypical thinking that borders on racism if it is
not actually racist.

Sure the victims ["its factions"] are to blame as usual. They are such

And sure the emperor up here wears such fine clothes........

Walter Miale