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6110: RE: 6109: RE: 6096: Re: 6087: The cost of democracy to Haiti: Hoover comments

From: "Hoover, Julie H." <Hoover@pbworld.com>

Zakai Kinan says "Haiti desperately needs a couple of presidential changes",
presumably to achieve ideal democracy.  I wonder, however, what Haiti's
greatest current need is--ideal democracy, or improvement in the lives of
its desperately poor people.  Personally, I'd opt for the poor people now
and worry about pure democracy later.  I was particularly impressed by the
person who said the opposition parties spend 90 percent of their time trying
to figure out how to attack Aristide rather than formulating programs.  Much
evidence suggests the President-elect is primarily motivated to helping the
poor, and I believe everyone should give him as much rope as he needs.  What
alternative is there, really?   The people of Haiti have voiced their
choices in as democratic way as the country has ever experienced--the
process may not be completely perfect, but it's pretty good in the context
of Haiti's history.  Why can't well-meaning people bury their grudges and
redirect their energies to helping Aristide move the country forward?   Give
him a chance, as it's the best opportunity available.  Everyone will win if
Haiti progresses, even if the rich have to pay some taxes.