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6120: Note for Fequiere Vilsaint or Maude Heurtelou

From: ForHaiti@aol.com

Can we ask Fequiere Vilsaint or his wife Maude Heurtelou to contact me?

They used to be from the Tampa area, but I understand they moved and I don't 
know where to contact them now.  There is a Haitian girl at Shriners Hospital 
in Tampa and a little boy will be there December 12. They are having surgery 
and the nurses really want one of the EducaVision's "English Haitian-Creole 

The sponsors of the children will pay for the Dictionary if they can get it, 
james.stitt@cpf.com direct if you like.

Eva DeHart
For Haiti with Love, inc.
Palm Harbor FL 34682