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6126: Re: 6116: Victory for Whom?... (fwd)

From: C&C Henrius <carolineislands@hotmail.com>

Am I the only one who is appalled by the US media treatment of anything and 
everything having to do with Haiti?  This last report was not only 
rediculous but full of outright fabrications (has anybody here ever honestly 
known of a Haitian cab driver murdering his customers for their fare???).  
Several people on the list are in Haiti and most of us are in contact with 
family and/or friends living there (I spoke with mine today), and I have yet 
to hear a report like this from anyone who is actually *in* Haiti.  I'm 
incensed.  Is there no way to hold these journalists accountable for the 
trash they put out?

Sick and tired of the villainization of Haiti by the US media!

C. Henrius
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