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6132: Re: 6093: Re: Re: 6076: On low-paying factory jobs (fwd): Poincy comments (fwd)

From: caineve@idt.net

Thinking that the lack of financing is a potential obstruction to economic 
development is a myth. Financing has the sole purpose of helping an idea to 
take roots or a project underway to fruition. However, it is not indispensable. 
Where there is no idea or project, no amount of money can bring changes. From 
this, I come to the basic principle that economic development can bear fruit 
from zero financing to start with as long as there is the environment upon 
which an existing labor force can act to draw needed resources. Hence, the 
crucial factor is clear objectives and processes to attain a specific aim.

To make sense out of all this we need to take a look at the essence of money. 
Money is meaningless in the absence of exchange and exchange can?t exist if 
there are no objects sought for by different parties. Indeed the capacity of 
one and the incapacity of another to produce a needed item are what gave birth 
to exchange. 

At the origin of things was needed only the natural ability (labor) to produce 
in response to one?s needs. In the case that nature does not facilitate such a 
production in one?s geographical area while the product is needed for one?s 
survival, it must be found elsewhere from someone else who can produce it. With 
an inverse relationship exchange takes place. 

The difficulties to determine the value parity between items exchanged or the 
risk of not having an exchangeable item to acquire a needed one creates the 
necessity for a standard acceptable medium incorporating the values of all 
items to be exchanged. That is money. On the time line, money followed the 
existence of production and exchange. That means at the point of origin the 
need for money to finance production or to improve living condition was zero. 

Yes one needed an exchangeable item to acquire a needed product, but this 
exchangeable item was to be produced by one?s labor. No financial cost 
whatsoever was involved to produce this exchangeable item. Nature was there and 
the person in need to acquire another product that s/he does not or can not 
produce had to act upon it to produce the exchangeable item.   

Early on were needed what nature made available and mankind?s labor to act upon 
or transform what nature made available in responding to their survival calls. 
Where imagination, creativity and willingness are scarce, poverty and misery 
prevail. Ayiti has land and labor but its people lack imagination, creativity 
and willingness to transform nature. This is a logical explanation of the 
country?s poverty. Plainly put, the money issue is a way out. In the midst of 
nothing, request for financing is absurd and receiving it is a total waste.

In Ayiti, there are no projects worthwhile mentioning and there is no money. 
However nature continues to make available what Ayitians need to improve their 
conditions. With the absence of creativity, I doubt very much that Ayiti will 
raise out of poverty regardless the amount money it receives to finance its 
hollow/phantom projects even when political stability reigns. I need to note 
however that I agree with the concept that political stability ensuring 
collective security is conducive to economic progress and I have argued for it 
vehemently before and showed in post related to Ayitian politics how such can 
be achieved.    

The fundamental question remains, can there be any financing if there is 
nothing against which the money will be applied? Unless, there are appropriate 
and feasible undertakings (already in motion if I may say) toward economic 
development, financing economic development is no issue. What makes matter 
worst, Ayiti is not at the stage where both external financing and public 
financing are needed. Look at the whole Ayiti, the country is in a state of 
nature and it must be dealt with that way. Anything else complicates the matter 
and makes things impossible. The relief for all this is private undertakings on 
an individual scale little as they might be. No government, no NGOs, and no 
international problem solvers through financing are needed in that case. Their 
presence and involvement make economic development impossible. They only have a 
back up or support role. 

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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