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5143: Excuse me, list - T. GONZALEZ I CAN'T EMAIL YOU! (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

Corbetteers, please forgive me, I wouldn't do this if it were not so very 
important.  Can you please help me with a really important contact?

I got an email from Tamara Gonzales, tgonzales@pathfinder.com, and she said 
that she has been on this list for a while, and etc., and then she wrote me a 
really nice, wonderful email with some things I MUST respond to, you know?  I 
answered her at that email and got "User unknown" from the Mailer Demon, so I 
am frustrated.  I've also tried from my dejanews account, and had someone try 
from yahoo, to no success.

Can you PLEASE, please help me out here?  If she gets email from your list, 
either she has another email or something, I guess, would you be willing to 
forward my email to her, or let her know that I can't reach her at the 
pathfinder.com address and ask her to send me another?


Kathy Grey (Mambo Racine Sans Bout)