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6161: Re: 6140: Re: 6029: Re: 6008: RE: 5978: Teaching a lesson: "blan" or Madanm" (fwd)

From: C&C Henrius <carolineislands@hotmail.com>

>A.E. Zennie said:
> > If I travelled to Iran, I would cover my hair and
> > wear conservative clothes,
> > I woudln't talk to men I didn't know and would not
> > go to places that do not
> > admit women. I would do this because I am a
> > tourist/foreigner and even
> > though this would probably insult me as a modern
> > woman. I would do the same
> > if I married an Irani man and chose to live there. I
> > would have to adapt to
> > the local customs.
> >

While in Haiti, I drink the water, wrap my head, cook over charcoal fires, 
eat with the women in the outdoor kitchen while the men sit inside at the 
table, bathe with a bucket and tin cup in the yard, do market in the 
streets, eat mayi moule, walk or take public transportation, attend the 
baptisms of my god-children, play dominoes at wakes, dance Kongo, Yanvalou 
and Ibo, get up early to iron clothes, braid my mother-in-law's hair, carry 
buckets of water on my head, and explain to friends and aquaintances that I 
prefer being called Madanm to "blan" and that request has always been 
honored. That is to say that adaptation to the local customs doesn't require 
the loss of one's right to give and receive respect or share understanding 
of our commonality as human beings.

Caroline Henrius
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