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6181: Re: 6176: Haitian children sent to Haiti (fwd)

From: kemp@globelsud.net

I had a friend of mine tell me a few stories about highschool kids being
sent to Haiti. These were children of Haitian parents, raised in the
States, who were often in trouble at school and causing trouble in the
Haitian church their family attended in Florida: these kids would refuse to
speak or understand creole for one thing.

I was told that after spending a year in Haiti (often discussed beforehand
with teachers involved or even the police in one case) with relatives, most
of these kids come back with a much better attitude, speak Creole and
understand better what their parents have gone through to arrive where they
are now at.
It is not an easy thing to do for parents, but the few times my friend saw
it happen she was amazed about the very good results (at least at the