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6179: Interview with Fortune Lenord, a.k.a Azor. (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Keywords: Azor, Racines, Rasin, Haitian music

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November 11th in New York

Interview with AZOR on kompadirek.com

Fortune Lenord, aka Azor, lead singer of the group Racine Mapou de Azor

KD.COM - Hi Mapou, How is your tour thus far?
AZOR - Hello Jolie and AJ, it is a great pleasure for me to conduct this 
interview with the two of you. I tilt my hat down to you and I would also 
like to say hello to all of the fans of Racine de Mapou Azor. I am delighted 
to have finally found the opportunity to greet my fans in New York.

KD.COM - How was Racine de Mapou Azor's first trip to New York?
AZOR - Our tour is a great success and we had a tight schedule
the entire week. We were in Boston on Sunday; Monday and Tuesday we played 
in Brasserie Creole; Wednesday through today we are playing here at Le Privé 
Night Club, and Friday we will bid farewell with Phantoms Band. We will 
afterwards fly to Miami for the last performance of this tour. The outcome 
is really great and overwhelming. I thank Geronimo for his great efforts, 
and also my fans who welcomed me with open arms. The love and admiration 
they have showed me will make me strive to bring them "more goodies" in my 
bag next year.

IW.COM -You emphasizes the love of your fans, do you work only to satisfy 
the existing fans, or are you targeting new fans?
AZOR - I am working to please my existing fans and at the same time 
targeting new ones.

IW.COM - Do you think this tour have increased your popularity?
AZOR - Yes, definitely. Look at the outcome on a rainy Thursday night; I did 
not think so many people would have come. Some people who are
here tonight have been with us all week. We were originally scheduled to
perform on November 2, 2000, we ran to some unfortunate difficulties with
the American Embassy, and I did not know what to expect from the fans for 
the canceled event. I want to thank them also for understanding our
situation, and for supporting us throughout the week.

KD.COM - What is the meaning behind the name Racine de Mapou Azor?
AZOR - Racine is the rhythm of our culture, and Mapou is the
strongest roots of all roots. For example, in Leogane they often say if you 
don't have the roots of Mapou, don't frequent the area. Racine de Mapou Azor 
governs all of our ancestors' roots.

KD.COM - So in another words, Mapou is the leader of the Racine?
AZOR - Yes Racine de Mapou Azor is the leader of Racine.

IW.COM - What are your dreams for the group Racine de Mapou Azor?
AZOR - One of my dreams has come true because we recently received a Golden 
Medallion in Japan for the album "Samba Move". I am extremely
proud to have received such an honor. We have thus far visited Japan, Chili, 
Canada, Miami, just to name a few, so to answer your question more directly 
my dreams are coming true with our accomplishments.

IW.COM - Give us some more insight on the award you received in Japan?
AZOR - Racine de Mapou Azor received a Golden Medallion in Japan
for our artistic value. Among the attendees at this award show varied
from many countries such as Honduras, Japan, and many artists such as
Harold Faustin and many other Racine groups from Canada.

KD.COM - How do you feel about the success of Racine de Mapou Azor? Did you 
predict such success?
AZOR - I had foreseen such success for Racine de Mapou Azor because I know 
that we were giving the fans something they longed for and
something they needed. Our success brings joy to my heart, because I now see 
that we are coming to terms and accepting our heritage and we are cherishing 
our culture the same way as other nations have.

KD.COM- What are the difference between Racine de Mapou Azor and
other Racine groups, for instance Boukan Guinen and Kanpech?
AZOR - Mapou is different than Boukan Guinen, Chandel, and the
others because my songs and my performance are coming from my soul and the 
inspiration from my ancestors. The other Racine bands are another version of 
Compas. As you can see, we don't use any musical instruments, because the 
spirits must hear the callings through the beat of the congas.

KD.COM - Do you think the popularity of the Racine rhythm will
decrease or increase in the upcoming years? Do you think that our youth are 
adapting more to other nationalities?
AZOR - Racine de Mapou Azor will keep the rhythm of Racine going, and it 
will increase. Kanpech, Koudjay and others have spent up to 6 months without 
a performance; we are the only Racine band who performs every week, either 
it be to Jacmel, Jeremie etc. Receiving the Golden Medallion in Japan proved 
the growth of Racine, and we can only expect more growth and success.

IW.COM- What is the next step for Racine de Mapou Azor?
AZOR - Each year we come out with a good solid song, such as
"Voisin" (humming) "Voisin an di'm se vagabond, pou'm al pouse bouret",
which was a hit. We than sequel it with the song "Sanmba" (humming) "Samnba 
ou di ou sanmba ou poko sanmba), and in 1998 we released "Reglemen" which 
was also a hit, and our next productions will even be deeper and better than 
the previous ones that I mentioned. Any songs that I introduce to the public 
must  make me shed tears while I am writing it, if it does not than I will 
not release it. Each of my song is an antidote. A fan might be going through 
some turmoil, while listening to my song they will find the cure and the 
answer to their sorrows. What is next for Racine Mapou de Azor you asked? Is 
to continue on being what we are now, the leaders or Racine and to keep  
providing our help to those who are in need and help them get intouch with 
their roots and ancestors.

IW.COM - Any last words for your fans?
AZOR - Hope for my health, so that I can continue working for
you. I thank all of you who supported me and helped made this tour a great 
event. Geronimo and the others I thank you.


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