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9194: Kompadirek.com's interview with Lenord, aka Azor, lead singer , of the group Racine Mapou de Azor (fwd)

From: Jolie <jolie@kompadirek.com>

My name is Rose Jeudy more popularly known as jolie, owner of

This morning I was very pleased to have found out that one of the interviews
on Kompadirek.com of Fortune Lenord, aka Azor, lead singer of the group
Racine Mapou de Azor  was published in your mailing list. We are looking
forward in the near future to do a complete biography of his life as well as
the other members of the band so that we can provide the fans with more
insight on what entails a voodoo band, and/or voodoo as a religion.

KOMPADIREK.COM's is a website that strives to promote the rhythm of "Konpa",
and to also inform the world of  Haiti's beautiful, art, culture, and
heritage.  We are currently receiving a total of 23,000 visitors per week;
it is a recompense to know that the information we provide are helpful to
those who visit us.  I would also like to thank Charles Arthur for sending
you the interview.

Below is an article we wrote about one of our visit to Racine Mapou de
Azor's performance, which can be found under the "LATEST MUSIC NEWS"

I wish you and the others a happy and safe holiday.
 Nov. 6th, 2000
    The group Racine Mapou de Azor ended their one-week tour in New York on
Friday November 10, 2000. The group was originally scheduled to perform in
the States on November 2, 2000; however, the performance got postponed due
to the fact that the band had encountered some minor problems with the
American Embassy in Haiti.

    They had rescheduled their tour for the week of November 5, 2000, and
their scheduled performances were as follow: Sunday they performed in Boston
with a great outcome. On Monday and Tuesday they gave a great performance at
Brasserie Creole, Wednesday and Thursday they clashed at Le Privé Night Club
and Friday they bid farewell to their New York fans with Phantoms Band.

    On Thursday KD.COM and AJ Duverger (a.k.a Junior) from
Intensityworld.com visited Racine Mapou de Azor at Le Prive Night Club. It
was a rainy day, however there were approximately 250 attendees. Summer band
of NY was there to open the night and they prepared the crowd for the
presentation of Racine Mapou de Azor. The environment was not the typical
ballroom scene; the room was foggy with a different vibe, and there was also
a strange scent in the air. The crowd at that event was composed with all
age groups.

    The players of the congas displayed great skills and showed the public
the artistic values of a Congas. The band's main rhythms are the Congas beat
mixed with a drum machine to add a little depth into the song. No one will
argue that Azor possess the correct vocals for the rhythm of Racine. His
vocals are strange yet unique to its' style. They carry a high pitch and
deep tone, which will entwined the listeners into a world of mystery. In
addition to Azor, let's not forget his two co-singers who have been
nicknamed "bel neges" whose dance steps are exquisite to the beat. We were
informed that the inflammation of the dance occurs after 1 am; it is at that
time that the non-believers go home, and those who believes remain in the
dance to celebrate and often will get mounted by the " lwa" (spirits).
Unfortunately, as non-believers we went home early and we were not able to
witness the end of this event, perhaps next time we will have the full
details of this intriguing dance.

    When one hear the name Racine Mapou de Azor without researching it's
meaning, the name and the fairy tales of Racine might bring the wrong ideas
to the meaning of a Racine group. Racine Mapou de Azor is more than a
"Folklore" band; this group is composed with a group of talented musicians.
They are also striving to make us understand that Racine is part of our
heritage and culture. When we asked Fortune Lenord, lead singer, if he had
foreseen the success of Racine Mapou de Azor, he responded, "I knew we would
be exactly where we are, because I know that we were giving the public
something they longed for, something they needed. Our success brings joy to
my heart, because I now see that we are coming to terms and accepting our
heritage and we are cherishing our culture the same way other nations have
appreciated their own."

    In addition to their accomplishments, Racine Mapou de Azor has recently
received a Golden Medallion in Japan for the album "Samba Move". There were
many other foreign artists from Honduras, Canada, and other Haitian artist
such as Harold Faustin present at this award.

The members who represented the group on this tour were Fortune Lenord aka
Azor, Romelus Camelo 1st Congas, Simeon Jerome 2nd Congas, Tousaint Ludner
3rd Congas, Guirand France on the drums machine; Daruis Claudette, Ronide
Faustin, Obruim Miratta, Fortune Rosemarie and Prophete Luisbin were on

Regardless of your beliefs a performance of Racine de Mapou Azor is a must
see, not for the preconceived beliefs that follows a Racine band but for
their beautiful artistic rhythm and their hard work in retaining Haiti's
culture and roots.

KD.COM would like to congratulate Racine de Mapou Azor on their Golden
Medallion they received in Japan for their latest album "Samba Move". We
would also like to thank AJ from Intensityworld.com for his support on this
article and the interview that was conducted with Azor, the lead singer.
Please visit our interview section to view this exclusive interview that was
conducted by Jolie and AJ.


Written and reported by:
Jolie from KD.COM

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