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6202: Aristide the populist: reply to Driver from Lafortune

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

When it comes to Jean bertrand Aristide, it is of my duties to
enlight certain misinterpretations with the goal to
project Aristide as the good guy and the Messiah for

Facts. From 1984 to 1991,Jean Bertrand Aristide was
not only the populist with a well structured mind, he
was the only one who could gather all the social
layers, he had the wordings, the verb. He was the only
one who understood the socio cultural realities. He
was also the very first advocate for the the poor

As a President, he came to power with the only goal to
destroy the "have" after he has established a line of
demarcation between the "have" and the "have not".The
coup was in essence the main reason for his
destitution, the army and the private sector have
contributed in large part to his ascension. To the
world, he was the man.

There was controversy on the coup d'etat. However,
when he requested the American Government to embargo
the Haitian people that was the very first step of his
depopularisation. Embargo on haiti.The poor people,
people of Cite Soleil suffers the most of the 

Second request for the American Troop to invade and
dirty the Haitian soil. His dream with Mr Clinton came

The constitutional order has been a disater as per 
the peacekeeping force reports, and many American
institutions who were so eager to the constitutional

Presently, Mr Aristide has become so impopular, that
explains why he is using forces and money to subdue
the productive forces. The november elections have
been a joke and there are reasons to believe as Mr
Aristide and his clan are saying: President Clinton
has advised Aristide to proceed with the elections,
that was his last gift to Aristide.
I have written an open letter to Mr Aristide to
renounce and invite all the political leaders sitting
around a table for a solution to the haitian crisis.
we have to understand 5% can't govern unless of a
dictatorial regim of which he has already been accused
Because of Aristide, Haiti has become the center of
cocaine, and to ascertain of his power young kids are
carryiung guns with the cell phone as member of the
"Chimeres"(Bad Mood).
We are asking the world and the true friends of Haiti
to give their support, moral,and psychological
If they need to be informed, they should get
informations on both sides for a better judgement.

Being pro Aristide is not the issue. Can you or anyone
function in this state of mind.

Could you assure anybody nothing would happen to you? 
Dear Prof,with these valid informations you could
always change lane and you would have a better
understanding of the situation.

I could assure you 9 out of 10, my letter would never
be published on the Corbet list, maybe their political

I hope, the NEW YORK time, despite their affinity
could always create a small insertion  for other
political source to establish and equilibrate the
point of vue.

joseph Lafortune MD CPH LHRM




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