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6210: The Clinton letter - surely some mistake? (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Keywords: news, 'news', information, disinformation

In the Reuters report we read the following:

<<PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Dec 7 (Reuters) - U.S. President Bill Clinton, who 
sent troops to Haiti six years ago to restore ousted President Jean Bertrand 
Aristide, has written a letter to him expressing concern over democracy 
there following Aristide's re-election.

"The president cited the need for tangible steps in Haiti to build an 
inclusive society around the goals of justice and rule of law," U.S. Embassy 
spokesman Daniel Whitman said late on Wednesday....

...In the letter, Clinton urged Aristide to resolve Haiti's electoral 
impasse stemming from tainted legislative elections held in May, Whitman 

"The United States together with the international community has made it 
known to the Haitian authorities that their failure to address 
well-documented election irregularities puts into question their commitment 
to democracy," Whitman said, paraphrasing Clinton's letter.>>

On Haitionline we read the following text as read to them by phone from 
their source in Washington:

<<The White House

December 1, 2000

Dear Mr. Aristide:

Just as Haiti and the United States, the two oldest republics in the western 
hemisphere, have shared much in their history, yours and my public career 
have been closely intertwined. Restoring democracy in your country was an 
important theme in my first presidential campaign more than eight years ago; 
defending the use of American forces to help you and the Haitian people 
achieve that goal was a major theme in my second campaign.

In recent years, I have conveyed to you both directly and through Secretary 
Albright, Sandy Berger, Tony Lake, Arthur Valenzuela, and Don Steinberg my 
concerns and hopes for the direction of events in Haiti, especially with 
regard to the evolution of democracy. Those have been, and remain, deeply 
rooted in my personal commitment to a better future for Haiti and better 
relations between our countries.

Now, as I prepare to leave office and you prepare to return. I believe we 
have an opportunity to set the basis for a strengthened relationship in the 
years to come. Together we must undertake tangible steps to enhance the 
lives of the Haitian people and build an inclusive society around the goals 
of justice and the rule of law. I know that you have put forth some 
constructive ideas in this regard, and I hope you will welcome a visit from 
Mr. Lake in the near future to discuss further steps. You can be sure that 
the American people will stand ready to help the Haitian people in their 
pursuit of democracy, prosperity, dignity, and respective place in the 
international community.


Bill Clinton>>
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