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6215: Fwd: Hideous Dream by Stan Goff (fwd)

From: radman <resist@best.com>
>Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the U.S. Invasion of Haiti
>by Stan Goff
>U.S. imperialism through the eyes of a member of the U.S. special forces.
>After a distinguished career in elite Ranger, Airborne and Special Forces
>counter-terrorist units, Stan Goff refused to turn away from the
>implications of his own experience. He chose to defy the contradictions
>between what the foreign policy establishment said and what the US military
>did. He took sides with Haitian democratic forces over the US supported
>death squads. Conflict escalated with his men, who were steeped in racist,
>anti-Haitian propaganda, as well as with commanders who depended on him to
>"read between the lines" and support a massive campaign of deception aimed
>at both the Haitian and American people.
>Hideous Dream is a revealing look inside US foreign policy, behind the
>mystique of Special Forces, and inside the racist history of American
>imperial domination of Haiti. It is also a deeply personal account of a man
>trapped between his emerging political consciousness and the cynical
>mandates of his life as a professional soldier.
>Stan Goff began his military career in Vietnam as a grunt with the 173rd
>Airborne Brigade. He went to Guatemala, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama,
>Venezuela, Honduras, South Korea, Colombia, Peru, and Somalia, with Special
>Operations Units, before participating in the 1994 invasion of Haiti. He
>worked in Infantry, Ranger, Special Forces, and Counter-terrorist units, as
>well as taught at the Jungle Operations Training Center and at West Point.
>"If insurrection is an art, its main content is to know how to give the
>struggle the form appropriate to the political situation."
>-Vo Nguyen Giap
>"Rather than seeking comparabilities in statistical terms among what are
>all too often superficial features of different situations, comparabilities
>must be sought at the level of determinate mechanisms, at the level of
>processes that are generally hidden from easy view."
>-Eleanor Burke Leacock
>"Every day one has to struggle that this love to a living humanity
>transform itself into concrete acts, in acts that serve as examples, as
>-Ernesto "Che" Guevara
>"Mask no difficulties."
>-Amilcar Cabral