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6218: Re: 6213: Caricom item, Dorce comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

Affuller@aol.com writes:

<<With those results, Haiti becomes a de facto one-party state, in which 
Lavalas - whose name means "landslide" in Creole - controls the presidency, 
27 of 28 senate seats, over 80 percent of the seats in the lower house and 
nearly all of the mayoralties and town councils. >>
So if the Republicans or Democrats win the presidency and most of the seats 
in Congress, this would constitute a "de facto" one party state?  We are in 
the middle of a constitutional travesty in this country and have no room to 
besmirch Haiti's election.  If you describe what happened in this country 
without using names but only relationships and situations, and did not 
identify the country, anyone would think we were talking about a third world 
country like Haiti.  In fact, the elections in Haiti went rather smoothly for 
a democracy in such an infant stage.  I am sick and tired of the arrogant and 
loud criticism I hear about Haiti.  I would rather hear support or nothing at 
all.  I want the US out of Haiti's affairs.  If that means no money, then 
let's go to Castro.  What good has US aid done for Haiti so far???  It's not 
like everyone is eating now and if it is cut off, they will starve.  They are 
starving now!  US aid is nothing more than bribe/blackmail money anyway.  It 
and other kinds of giveaway charity does more harm than good and only serves 
to keep the power dynamics extreme, with the (superior) givers feeling good 
about themselves for giving without regard for how it effects the (inferior) 
recipients.  It doesn't work.  So why be blackmailed?  I always wondered why 
other countries hated the USA.  It is crystal clear to me now.  While I am 
grateful for the fate that I was born in a place where the power elite allows 
the masses to live comfortably and improve their lives, I am bitter that my 
government does things to countries like Haiti with seeming impunity, just 
because they can.  God help us all now...with Bush in the White House, Haiti 
is in bigger trouble than ever (and we are in for four years of "stupid 
president" jokes).

Kathy Dorce~