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6231: Louima gets OK to carry a gun (fwd)

From: nozier <nozier@tradewind.net>

Louima gets OK to carry a gun_ By John Marzulli (Special to EXPRESS)
Wednesday December 13, 2000._

  Police torture victim Abner Louima has been issued a permit by the
NYPD to carry a handgun,the Daily News reported in the morning's
"I need some way to protect my self and my children" said Louima,who was
granted the permit last week.Asked who he felt might harm him,Louima
replied:" I can't make any comment baout that." The carry license is an
upgrade from Louima's premise permit which allows holders to keep a
loaded gun in their home or business and use it as target practice at
shooting ranges. Louima applied for the carry permit shortly after his
police protection ended several months ago,the source said.Louima has
not received any death threats recently,a high ranking police source
said. But he had police body guard from October 1997 when he was
released from the hospital,until last summer,when the criminal
prosecution of the cops charged in his case was concluded.
Thomas Antenen,a police spokesman,declined comment yesterday.On august
9,1997 ,Louima was sodomized with a  wooden stick in a  bathroom at the
70th precint stationhouse in Brooklyn.Then_Officer Justin Volpe was
convicted and sentenced to 30 years for the attack.In September
1997,Louima was granted the premise permit based on volpe's threat to
kill him and his family if he ever reported what happened.The NYPD has
sharply cut the number of carry_permit holders in the past 2
years.Louima was grnated the carry permit amid negotiations to settle
his lawsuit against the city and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.