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6243: Re: balloting data (fwd)

From: Greg and Susan Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

>Where are the actual numbers of votes 
>tabulated? Are they available? The CEP must have such numbers, for each 
>region and a total. We could calculate the percentages ourselves from the 
>data. Does anybody know where such numbers can be found?

The Haiti Embassy in Wash. DC has a website, http://www.haiti.org/ - which
has what look like facsimiles of the tabulation sheets. They're kind of
hard to read, but it's a start. For what it's worth. Whom can we believe?

Responding to rumors of election-rigging by refusing to send observers is
like protesting crime by not calling the cops.

Of course, if we don't send observers, we don't have data to correct any
dang thing you want to say happened down there. Maybe that was the idea.

Greg Bryant