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6241: looking for a publisher (fwd)

From: Renee Dietrich <photormd@dodgenet.com>


I am a photographer/writer who has been working on personal projects during
annual trips to Haiti since 1988. For the past few years I have been working
on a book project featuring more than 80 black and white photographs
combined with several original poems about and inspired by my experiences in
Haiti and some Haitian proverbs. Thanks to a Haitian friend, the book has
been translated into Kreyol.

I am wondering if anyone on the list might have suggestions about book
publishers who would be interested in such a project. I have heard some very
postive responses about the book from the samples I have given to friends,
both in the states and in Haiti, and I believe there is a market out there.
My desire is to publish the book bilingually in one edition with the English
and Kreyol playing off of each other.

Private emails are fine so we don't tie up the list.

Renee Dietrich