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6239: FWD: Journal of Haitian Studies (fwd)

From: Mi-kai Elle <zekora@hotmail.com>

I am writing to tell you about a relatively new, reasonably priced
journal, the "Journal of Haitian Studies".  To obtain subscription
information and a sample issue, at no cost, please contact the UC Santa
Barbara Center for Black Studies by email: dhatch@omni.ucsb.edu, by
phone: 805-893-3914, fax, 805-893-7243 or by mail at the Center for Black
Studies, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93106.

The "Journal of Haitian Studies" is a scholarly publication produced
twice a year under the auspices of the Haitian Studies Association and the 
UC Santa Barbara Center for Black Studies. I am not aware of any other 
refereed journal whose predominant focus is on Haiti, its institutions, its 
culture, and its people.  The Journal is interdisciplinary to the core, 
combining the arts, sciences and humanities, and is published in English, 
Creole, French and Spanish.

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