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6248: Dissertations Related To Haiti (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

          "Dissertations Related To Haiti (1999 -2000)"

                          (compiled by)
                        Emmanuel W. Védrine

[Note to the reader:  a similar research has been published on the subject 
in 1998, "A Short Bibliography Of Dissertations Related to Haiti" (by 
Emmanuel W. Védrine) and it's available through http://windowsonhaiti.com - 
To access it, click on the site and search "Vedrine" and then click on the 

ADAMS, Robert Lee, Jr.
The poetics of desire: Dialogic encounters in the Dominican borderlands. 
Degree: PhD. The University Of Texas At Austin. 1999. Pages: 159. Code: AAT 
9956783. Subj.: Cultural Anthropology, Latin American History, Ethnic and 
Racial Studies.

ALFONSI, Christian Jami
Improvised crusades: Explaining the 'inconsistent' use of military 
intervention by the Bush administration.  Degree: PhD. Harvard University. 
1999. Pages: 404. Code: AAT 9949728. Subj.: Political Science, International 
Law and Relations, US History.

AUBE, Melanie
Evaluation sommaire de la situation des mangroves de la côte nord haïtienne 
(French text). Degree:  MEE. Université De Moncton (CANADA), 1999. Pages: 
133. Code: AAT MQ47253. Subj.: Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife; 
Agriculture, Fisheries; Environment Sciences; Geography.

BICKEL, Keith B.
Mars learning: The Marine Corps development of small wars doctrine, 
1915?1940. Degree:  PhD. The Johns Hopkins University. 1999. Pages: 332. 
Code: AAT 9920687. Subj.: Modern History, Latin American History, Political 
Science (general).

CADOT, Marie Stephane
Considérations sur l'utilisation d'un système d'information géographique 
(SIG) pour l'estimation de la taille minimale d'une exploitation agricole: 
Bassin versant de Petite?Rivière?de?Nippes, Haïti (French text). Degree:  
MA. Université Laval (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 152. Code: AAT MQ43788. Subj.:
Geography, Agriculture (general).

CALL, Charles T.
>From soldiers to cops: 'War transitions' and the demilitarization of 
policing in Latin America and the Caribbean (El Salvador, Haiti). Degree:  
PhD. Standford University. 1999. Pages:  328. Code: AAT 9958072. Subj.: 
Political Science (general).

CEDENO?ZAMOR, Patricia Monica
Adaptation among Haitian immigrant / refugee women in the United States. 
Degree: PhD. Boston College. 1999. Pages: 317. Code: AAT 9928370. Subj.: 
Social Work; Bilingual Education and Multicultural; Sociology; Ethnic and 
Racial Studies; Women's Studies.

Emile Ollivier: Son approche du descriptif et sa vision romanesque d'Haïti. 
(French text). Degree:  MA. York University (CANADA). 1999. Pages:  136. 
Code: AAT MQ39178. Subj.: Modern Literature; Canadian Literature (French); 
Caribbean Literature.

CHERY Frederic, Guirlene
Politiques agricoles et développement de l'agriculture en Haïti. Une étude 
de cas: La plaine du Cul?de?Sac. (French text). Degree:  MA. Université 
Laval (CANADA). 1999. Pages:  305. Code: AAT MQ41869. Subj.: Geography; 
Latin American History; Agriculture; Political Science (general).

DICK, Howard Evan
Economic sanctions, domestic audiences, and international conflict. Degree:  
PhD. University Of Southern California.1999. Pages: 383. Code: AAT 9955054. 
Subj.: Political Science; International Law and Relations; Economics 

DiPRIZIO, Robert Carlo
United States humanitarian interventions in the post?Cold War era. Degree: 
PhD. University Of Delaware. 2000. Pages: 424. Code: AAT 9965778. Subj.: 
Political Science; International Law and Relations; US History.

ESCOFFERY, Janet Angela
An historical review of the contributions of Erika Bourguignon to 
cross?cultural psychology. Degree:  PsyD. Miami Inst. Of Psychology Of  The 
Caribbean Ctr. For Advanced Studies. 1999. Pages: 102. Code: AAT 9927753. 
Subj.: Clinical Psychology; History of Science; Cultural Anthropology; 

FRIEDMAN, William Kaplan
The President, the press and the framing of United States military action in 
the post?Cold War period. Degree:   PhD. City University Of New York. 1999. 
Pages: 289. Code: AAT 9924807. Subj.: Political Science (general); Mass 

GEORGES, Jacques?Raphael
Literary 'cacoism': Function of the American character in the Haitian novel 
as of 1915. Degree:   PhD. The University Of Connecticut. 1999. Pages: 198. 
Code: AAT 9946737. Subj.: Caribbean Literature; Modern Literature.

GRINDE, Lisa Renee
A cross?cultural, qualitative study of childhood physical disability in 
Finland, Haiti, and Latvia: Views from parents, professionals, and the 
community. Degree: PhD. Virginia Commonwealth University. 1999. Pages: 187. 
Code: AAT 9936698. Subj.: Developmental Psychology; Cultural Anthropology; 
Individual Sociology and Family Studies.

HAEGERT, Sheila Ann
How does love grow? Attachment processes in older adoptees and foster 
children as illustrated by fictional stories (Short stories, with Original 
writing). Degree:  PhD. University Of Victoria (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 269. 
Code: AAT NQ37343. Subj.: Education; Educational Psychology; Clinical 
Psychology; Modern Literature; Individual Sociology and Family Studies; Mass 

JACKSON, Wanda Faye
The diplomatic relationship between the United States and Haiti, 1862-1900. 
Degree: PhD. University Of Kentucky. 1999. Pages: 278. Code: AAT 9948873.  
Subj.: Modern History; US History; Latin American History; Black History.

KAPUR, S. Paul
Might and rights: The operational culture of humanitarian military 
intervention. Degree:  PhD. The University Of Chicago. 1999. Pages: 247. 
Code: AAT 9951804 . Subj.: Political Science; International Law and 
Relations; Political Science (general).

American public opinion on peace operations: The cases of Somalia, Rwanda, 
and Haiti. Degree:  PhD. The American University. 1999 Pages: 465. Code: AAT 
9965831. Subj.: Political Science; International Law and Relations; US 
History; American Studies.

MacKINNON, Craig
A return to modernization theory: Peace building and democratization after 
the Cold War. The case of post?Duvalier Haiti. Degree:  MA. Saint Mary's 
University (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 134. Code: AAT MQ47681. Subj.: Political 
Science; International Law and Relations; Political Science (general); Latin 
American History.

MERISIER, Gaston Georges
Les effets du mode d'organisation de l'école et du style de gestion du 
directeur sur la progression scolaire des elèves en Haïti. (French text). 
Degree: PhD. Université Laval (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 238. Code: AAT NQ39374. 
Subj.: Education, Administration.

MILDE, Robert Lyall
The harp and the sword: Rhetorical depictions of Haiti in early twentieth 
century United States literature. Degree:  PhD. The University Of North 
Carolina At Greensboro. 1999. Pages:  251. Code: AAT 9942626. Subj.: 
American Literature; Language, Rhetoric and Composition; Modern Literature.

MOLEON, Marie?Monique
State?level compliance and NGOs contribution to regime compliance in the 
developing world: An assessment of the role played by state actors and 
non?governmental organizations (NGOs) in the AIDS control campaign in 
Uganda, South Africa, and Haiti (Immune deficiency). Degree:  PhD. The 
University Of Mississippi. 1999. Pages: 148. Code: AAT 9965353. Subj.: 
Political Science (general); International Law and Relations.

Faulkner, Haiti, and questions of imperialism. Degree: PhD. State University 
Of New York At Albany. 1999. Pages: 281. Code: AAT 9954030. Subj.: American 

POLK, Patrick Arthur
Fabric and power: Vodou flags, collective symbolism, and rites of authority 
in Haiti. Degree: PhD. University Of California, Los Angeles. 2000. Pages: 
248. Subj.: Folklore; Art History; Cultural Anthropology.

PUTNAM, Amanda Ann
Legacies and literacies: Life lessons from black grandmothers and other 
matrilineal substitutes (Antigua, Harriet Jacobs, Maya Angelou, Merle Hodge, 
Edwidge Danticat, Jamaica Kincaid, Trinidad and Tobago). Degree: PhD. The 
University Of Nebraska ? Lincoln. 1999. Pages: 154. Code: AAT 9936769. 
Subj.: American Literature; Caribbean Literature; Black Studies; Women's 

RAMOS, Miguel
The empire beats on: Oyo, Bata drums and hegemony in nineteenth?century 
Cuba. Degree:  MA. Florida International University. 2000. Pages: 306. Code: 
AAT 1399164. Subj.: Latin American History; African History; Cultural 

RUSSELL, Sarah Paradise
Cultural conflicts and common interests: The making of the sugar planter 
class in Louisiana, 1795??1853. Degree:  PhD. University Of Maryland College 
Park. 2000. Pages: 381. Code: AAT 9967972. Subj.: US History; Sociology; 
Social Structure and Development; Economics (general).

RYAN, Marveta Makeba
Race, culture, and nation in late nineteenth?century poetry from the 
Dominican Republic. Degree: PhD. Harvard University. 1999. Pages: 215. Code: 
AAT 9949799. Subj.: Latin American Literature; Caribbean Literature; 

Emergence de la poétique créole en Haïti. (French text). Degree:  MA. 
Université Laval (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 119. Code: AAT MQ42008. Subj.: 
Caribbean Literature.

SEKOU, Malik
Nation?state formation in the insular Caribbean before, during, and after 
the Cold War. Degree:  PhD. University Of Delaware. 2000. Pages: 374. Code: 
AAT 9965813.

SPOOR, Suzanne Jacqueline
Searching for a black republic: The textual invention of Haiti by United 
States black artists in the 1930s.  Degree: PhD. University Of Maryland 
College Park. 1999. Pages: 368. Code: AAT 9957208. Subj.: Comparative 
Literature; Black History; American Literature; Art History; Dance.

THOMPSON, Andrew Stuart
The politics of intervention: Haiti, human rights, and the influence of the 
international community, 1957?1994. Degree: MA. The University Of Western 
Ontario (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 128. Code: AAT MQ42215. Subj.: Modern 
Literature; Caribbean Literature; Latin American Literature.

TREMBLAY, Christian
Définition de la thematique du reel merveilleux americain et son application 
dans des recits de Jorge Luis Borges et de Jacques Stephen Alexis. (French 
text, Haiti, Argentina). Degree: MA. Université Laval (CANADA). 1999. Pages: 
137. Code: AAT MQ42026. Subj.: Modern Literature; Caribbean Literature.

VANDER Zaag, Raymond
'We do not yet have development': Encounters of development knowledges, 
identities and practices in a NGO program in rural Haiti. Degree:  PhD. 
Carleton University (CANADA). 2000. Pages: 390. Code: AAT NQ48356. Subj.: 

Vers une problématique de l'alterite dans la construction de l'identité 
Haïtienne: Etude de romans choisis de Jean Metellus et de Marie Vieux 
Chauvet. Degree:  PhD. The Ohio State University. 1999. Pages: 265. Code: 
AAT 9941450. Subj.: Caribbean Literature.

WEAVER, Karol Kimberlee
Disease in the Torrid Zone: Malady and medicine in eighteenth?century Saint 
Domingue (Haiti). Degree:  PhD. The Pennsylvania State University. 1999. 
Pages: 260. Code: AAT 9960675. Subj.: History of Science; Latin American 

WILBORN, Keeta Presley
A critical Heideggerian hermeneutic analysis of the meaning of nursing 
students' clinical experience in Haiti. Degree:  PhD. Georgia State 
University. 2000. Pages: 243. Code: AAT 9968475. Subj. Health Sciences, 
Nursing; Education; General Sociology.

ZAHND, Elizabeth A
Images of the United States in contemporary narratives of Quebec and the 
francophone Caribbean (Haiti, Guadeloupe). Degree:  PhD. University Of 
Illinois At Urbana-Champaign. 1999. Pages: 150. Code: AAT 9953183.

ZIRKE, Jennifer Lynn
A multicultural curriculum for exceptional high school students. Degree:  
PhD. The Union Institute. 1999. Pages: 406. Code: AAT 9933951. Subj.: 
Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies; 
Bilingual Education.

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