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6267: Re: 6265: Re: parallel government (fwd)

From: Reginald <rverdieu@amherst.edu>

Charles Arthur wrote:

Corbett listers should be aware by now that they "shouldn't believe
everything they read in the papers". In the interests of understanding what
is really happening in Haiti and so we don't get taken in by spin and
misinformation, I paste below my unofficial translation of the Democratic
Convergence press release announcing the 'parallel government'. (The
original version follows at the foot of this note).

At this forum, organized by Convergence and other civic and popular
political forces, clear and precise propositions will have to emerge for a
provisional program of government and a team charged to carry it out.

De ces Etats Généraux, organisés par la Convergence et par d?autres
forces politiques, civiques et populaires devront émerger des
propositons claires et précises comprenant un programme de gouvernement
provisoire et une équipe chargée de l?appliquer.
Maybe I'm not reading it well enough but it sounds to me, in both languages,
like they are planning on creating a provisional government.  This is a lot more
interesting than Florida.