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6272: Haitian Art Fair in NY and Petionville and St. Louis?

From: Galerie Bourbon Lally <bourbon@haitiworld.com>

[Corbett notes:  Folks, the note says two galleries, yet three
places seem to be named.  I'm not sure if all three have art.  I
was delighted and surprised to discover one of them is in
my home of St. Louis even if I'll be away in Vienna!]

            9th Outsider Art Fair 

January 26-28,  2001 

Friday        Noon - 8 PM 
Saturday    11 AM - 7 PM 
Sunday      11 AM - 6 PM 

At the Puck Building 
Lafayette & Houston Streets 
SOHO, New York City 


Galerie Bourbon-Lally 
Petion-Ville, Haiti 

Galerie Bonheur 
St Louis, MO. 

Both galleries will have a large selection of Haitian Art on display.