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6275: Re: 6269: Re: 6265: Re: parallel government (fwd)

From: Maxetluc@aol.com

From: Greg and Susan Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

Thank you for the translation of the "Democratic Convergence" press
release. It didn't change my perception of a plan to prevent Aristide from
taking office. In fact, it sounds like the BBC was representing it very
plainly. The very sympathetic explanation by Maxetluc, if anything, was a
better apology for the DC than was their own press release. Note the
phrases "provisional program of government" and "firm determination to
fight to bar the road to dictatorship" meaning, presumably, Aristide's


Actually, I only reacted to the shock you and others expressed at the concept 
of the opposition setting up a parallel government, by pointing out that 
there are constitutionally accepted precedents, provided certain boundaries 
are maintained.
I also noted that the Convergence group appears to want to exceed those 

In your reaction to the concept of parellel government, you ignored my 
comparison of Convergence's hope to the "alternative government" set up by 
Irish Republicans between 1918 and 1921.   There the opposition held 
elections, performed municipal services, collected taxes and performed all 
the functions normally reserved to the constitutional (here the British 
colonial government).  They also worked tirelessly to overthrow that 
government.  That is something very different from a "shadow government."  

Again, I merely pointed out that the theory of a parellel or shadow 
government was not as outrageous as others on this board have claimed.  The 
reality, or at least the reality I suspect the opposition seeks to create, 
will likely be far different from the constitutional system I described.  But 
then, most realties fail to match theory.

Your claims notwithstanding, Mr. Bryant, I never expressed sympathy for the 
Haitian opposition in its motives or goals.  Anyone who knows me knows that 
yhr only thing I find more useless than the Haitian government is the 
opposition.   I count several high ranking Lavallasians among my personal 
friends, but I would trust none of them with a lemonade stand.  This is even 
more true of the opposition figures I've met, whose only program seems to be 
"We're not Aristide."   

Perhaps the next time you pick apart one of my posts you might look at its 
entirety, rather than take a piece out of context.  Most folks on this board 
seem deeply committed to, and knowledgeable about, the Haitian situation.  I 
very much enjoy a reasonable debate.  If we give each other our due, avoid 
piecemeal emotional reactions and personal attacks, we might just have one.

In theory, anyway . . .