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6279: Re: 6270: Lavalas accusations: Dorce to Chamberlain (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 12/18/2000 2:06:27 PM Pacific Standard Time, Greg 
Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com> writes:
Dorce said:
<< >  Whatever Lavalas is accused of, please look in 
 > the opposite direction to see who is in reality 
 > doing the dirty deeds.>>

 Chamberlain comments:
 Is this seriously proposed as the basis of 
 future reflection on the situation in Haiti?
 Wherever the fault in a situation lies, it seems 
 to me that such uncritical adulation serves 
 nothing and no-one, least of all Haiti and its 
 people. >>
Greg....it is always uncritical adulation when I say something but critical 
journalism when you say the opposite.  We see things differently, that is 
obvious. I have history on my side.  I remember the coup of '91, as I'm sure 
you do.  The opposition has a history of righting the electoral wrongs of the 
populace.  When they don't win legally, they run a smear campaign and plot to 
overthrow the government.  Do you honestly not see this?  Or do the ends 
justify the means for you?  If you buy the propaganda about Aristide, which 
amounts to blanket demonization,  then you might think that removing him at 
all costs would be a good thing.  I can understand that, but it does seem a 
bit naive and short sighted.
But, as we can observe, some foreigners come 
to places like Haiti filled with complexes and 
needs and wishing only to believe -- in anything.
There are a few of them on this list, lovable 
and eccentric though some might be.
Because of their better wealth, health and 
education, they have what one might call 
disproportionate influence.  
Gee, to whom might you be referring?  If you hadn't said lovable I might have 
thought you were talking about Lynn Garrison or any one of a number of those 
loyal to the opposition (ANY opposition as long as it's anti-Aristide).  We 
have had this discussion, or rather, belittling session before.  I do not see 
support of Aristide the way you do.  I really support the people, democracy 
and improvment of the quality of life for Haitians.  Aristide is the vehicle. 
 Show me another with the same goals and objectives and I will support them 
too.  If the opposition would address the needs of the many instead of the 
needs of the few, then they might have a chance at being elected.  They have 
no one to blame but themselves.  Themselves AND their uncritical 
adorers...;).  (some of us call them enablers...;)  

Surely _this_ is the famous "laboratory" that Aristide likes to talk about?
So the CIA does not exist?  The CIA has no covert operations in Haiti?  This 
sounds like the "There is no such thing as the Mafia" disclaimer......that's 
a good tactic, make fun of the truth, then it makes people feel that to 
believe the truth is to be a fool.  Time will tell who are the fools, don't 
you think?

Kathy Dorce~