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6283: Re: 6278: Son very sick in Port-Au-Prince (fwd)

From: "Dr. Rich Gosser" <rgosser@tcsinternet.net>


I'm very sorry to learn the news about Jeff and we'll join our prayers
with yours for his very speedy recovery.

You don't mention which hospital he's in, but there are one or two
hospitals which are adequate by US standards.  From your description I
assume he's in one of these. Is it Hopital Canape Vert possibly?  

Health care generally in Haiti is very poor and good health care (such
as we all take for granted) is out of the reach of the vast majority of
Haitians.  My wife is a nurse and we've done health care work in the
Dominican Republic (and, to a lesser extent, Haiti).  For almost 10
years we've been collecting (as beggars) medicines and medical supplies
which we hand-carry or ship to various clinics and hospitals which serve
the poor in Haiti.

If you can tell me which hospital Jeff is in, I'll see if I can get one
of my friends in Haiti (a US trained doctor) to visit him.  Please let
us know how he's doing at least since we hope to meet him in May.


Rich (and Daneen) Gosser

Bob Corbett wrote:
> From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>
> >From <rosann@onemain.com>
> Hi Corbetters...
> I received a phone call last night and was told my son Jeff who has been
> living in Haiti for 16 months...is in a hospital in Port-Au-Prince with
> pneumonia.
> His fever is 104 and he's been in there since Saturday. At first I was quite
> worried...( Not that I'm not worried still...but...) as I wasn't sure what
> conditions hospitals are in. Not having traveled to Haiti yet...I can only
> imagine. My first thought was...why didn't they fly him out to Miami...???
> They told me the hospital was great much closer to US standards and the
> staff has been very kind and helpful to my son. They check on him every hour
> and bring him food every few hours...he's on IV ...He is very sick
> indeed...and hearing how great they seem to be caring for my son...I am at
> much peace and know he'll be fine!
> I was happy to hear there is a good hospital there. Anyone else have any
> comments on the health care in Haiti?
> I hope he recovers soon and can get out before Christmas!
> Happy Holidays
> Rosann :)