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6285: Re: 6278: Son very sick in Port-Au-Prince (fwd)

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

 Let us keep our fingers crossed for the hospitalized
son in haiti.
 Talking about US standards is the adventist hospital
in Diquini(Carrefour)run by US personal. Because of
the transportation and the demographic explosion, it
has been very difficult for qualified physicians to
practice medicine there. I was surprise I had to
obtain the privileges like in the US. eventhough I was

on the medicallist of the American Embassy.
Next one in line is in Leogane run by American kid
from Cornel(N.Y)
I wish this kid well.
Pneumonia could be one of the very serious
pathological condition in terms of its complications,
from psychosis to asthmatiform reaction.
Depending on the case;Blood gaz studies is
mandatory,Respiratory therapist available tid, 
 Haiti does not have : 10 Respiratory technician, 10
Dialysis Technician, 20 EKG technician; 10 Medical
Assistant; 10 Medical Technologist and so forth,
Do not get wrong, the physician are more than OK. No
logistics and underpay.
One of these days I will gladly write for you an
What we call, primary care does not exist in Haiti.
case mangement does not exist either. The surgeon are
fantastic provided there is no post op complications.
Politics is evrywhere.
With the hope the kid is well and this charged in no
With the American clientele they are advised to come
to mIami in ambulance so that they receive $ 1500 for
being in the plane.


--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>
> >From <rosann@onemain.com>
> Hi Corbetters...
> I received a phone call last night and was told my
> son Jeff who has been
> living in Haiti for 16 months...is in a hospital in
> Port-Au-Prince with
> pneumonia.
> His fever is 104 and he's been in there since
> Saturday. At first I was quite
> worried...( Not that I'm not worried still...but...)
> as I wasn't sure what
> conditions hospitals are in. Not having traveled to
> Haiti yet...I can only
> imagine. My first thought was...why didn't they fly
> him out to Miami...???
> They told me the hospital was great much closer to
> US standards and the
> staff has been very kind and helpful to my son. They
> check on him every hour
> and bring him food every few hours...he's on IV
> ...He is very sick
> indeed...and hearing how great they seem to be
> caring for my son...I am at
> much peace and know he'll be fine!
> I was happy to hear there is a good hospital there.
> Anyone else have any
> comments on the health care in Haiti?
> I hope he recovers soon and can get out before
> Christmas!
> Happy Holidays
> Rosann :)

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