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6294: Son in Haiti (fwd)

From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>

Thanks so much for the many emails inquiring about my son Jeff Clements who
is in the hospital with pneumonia. I called Haiti to inquire which hospital
he's in and its Canape Vert and his Dr. is Dr. Michael Guerin. Both which I
was happy to hear are top notch!
Jeff is 20 years old and has been in Haiti for 16 months on a Mission. He
had all his shots before he left...yet they are now worried he may have
Typhoid Fever. I guess they are testing for that. I hope it's only
Pneumonia! (Funny to be hoping its only pneumonia!) :)
I've had several list members offer to send someone to the hospital to check
on him for me and I am so grateful that it's indescribable how I feel!!!
Being so far away and feeling so helpless...and then others who don't even
know my son offer to help. One list member is flying to Haiti for
Christmas...and she is taking my son a candy bar from the US and will give
him a visit and report back to me how he's doing.
There are so many wonderful people in the World and I have found...Many of
them are on this list!!
So thank you everyone...and for all the support I've had through some hard
times when my son was being harassed and had rocks thrown at him and through
some questions I've had about Haiti etc
I feel as if through reading the posts here...I have come to somewhat
understand Haiti and her people and her struggles and her victories!
I just read Bobs request...be it ever so humble for funds for his group! I
for one will be happy to send...whatever small amount it may be...for his
very worthy cause. This is a wonderful list and one I am so thankful I

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
Thanks for your support!
Rosann Clements (The worried Mom Yet ever so thankful!!)