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6299: help needed (fwd)

From: Anez14u@aol.com

I need help from any list member who works regularly with children in 
Port-au-Prince or knows how I can contact an agency which does; more 
specifically the "Riviere Froid" area of Carrefour- and/or St. Theresa 
School.  I have sponsored a child in Haiti for many years through the 
Christian Children's Fund (CCF) of the USA.  During the embargo, the USA 
division of CCF pulled out of Haiti and told their sponsors that they would 
have to pick a child from some other area or country.  I did not wish to dump 
the child and family so I transferred my support to CCF of Canada and 
continued to sponsor the child and his family.  Now I have been told by 
CCF/Canada that the project he is serviced by has been closed and that they 
would refund to me the last couple months of support payments as the money 
had not been given to the family.  I was also told that they have no way of 
assisting me in any further efforts to help my child or his family.  I am 
seeking other ways, means, or avenues of continuing to care for this child.  
Please contact me directly if you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can 
best go about this.  Thank you for your time

Tommy Henderson <ANez14U@aol.com>
319-323-5068        <SFclinics@haiti2004.com>

The light is reached not by turning back from the darkness, but by going 
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