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6408: CIA and 1991 Coup (Saint-Vil enquires) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Something strange caught my attention

Greg Chamberlain stated:
« The "opposition" had little to do with the 1991 coup, which was carried 
out by police chief Michel Francois largely as a personal vengeance, 
encouraged by some of the bourgeoisie. »

Considering that one of the questions asked by Kathy was whether Mr. 
Chamberlain believes that the CIA is a fictitious organization, that it has 
nothing to do with all the coup d'état it has been said to conduct in the 
Americas, the above statement by Mr. Chamberlain is quite striking and note 

Are we now to believe that Michel François acted "largely" on his own. How 
"large" should we understand this statement. Does it mean Lynn Garrison (the 
anglo-Canadian from Calgary), Raoul Cedras (condemned criminal whose house 
rental is said to be to this day collected and managed on his behalf by U.S. 
"officials" in Haiti), Toto Constant (condemned criminal who leaves free and 
large in New-York)....and the countless others whose name were striken by 
U.S officials from the 60,000 pages of FRAPH-FAdH documents stolen by the 
invading U.S. army in 1994...all had nothing to do with the CIA ?

Michel François acted "largely" out of personal revenge - just like James 
Earl Ray supposedly did in 1963?

Please can the investigative journalists enlignten us here?

Mèsi anpil wi!


«Quand règne le méchant ses serviteurs n'attendent pas la nuit pour faire 
couler le sang...» (Tante Siya - B. Obas 1996)
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