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6410: Another member removed from list for using mailing list

This past week I received a number of complaints from list members
who claimed to be on no other Haiti-related mailing lists, but
nontheless received advertising from CEEPCO Records.  I checked 
and Ceepco was a list member.  I removed the person under that
name and asked that the mailings be stopped.  I was informed that
this company would continue to use the mailing list, and they
even attempted to post their mailing directly to the list itself.

I would urge members of the Corbett list to please avoid doing
business with this company which refuses to honor the agreement
they implicitly accepted when they received the rules and regulations
of the list upon joining the list.  There have been relatively
few violations of the list rule of not using the mailing list
without prior consent of any member written to.  This is certainly
the most flagrant which has come to my attention.

Thank you for your consideration this.

Bob Corbett