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6414: Re: 6275: Re: 6269: Re: 6265: Re: parallel government (fwd)

From: Hyppolitep@aol.com

It seems pretty clear to me what the Groupe De Convergence's current strategy 

They know that on February 7, 2001, it is extremely likely that the new 
elected government will be in office. They also know that their chance of 
such success in a democratic setting is dim at best, since they practically 
have no support from the electorate. They also know at the same time that 
Lavalas has been accused numerous times of drug dealing, without anyone of 
the accusers ever providing any kind of proof.

There is now a Republican administration in the White House. There also is 
the Noriega precedent (December 20, 1989). They hope that the usual 
Lavalas-bashing sector in the international press will start a campaign for 
them to denigrate the new government and the newly elected president as drug 
dealers. Then there would be a "surgical removal" of the leader in power. 
They (the Groupe de Convergence) would hence be prepared by that time to take 
over, since they already have set up their so-called "parallel government." 
They would them claim "experience."

It is as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. I am confident that, 
this is the strategy behind this idea of "parallel government."

Hyppolite Pierre