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6417: 2 much rambling (fwd)

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Well, I finally gave up on the old globelsud address. It won't seem to come 
back along with all that was stored on it. I have a new address now 
(oloffsonram@aol.com)so if anyone has sent me any correspondence that I 
haven't returned, please forgive. 
Reading the Corbett list for the first time in over a month is almost like a 
family or college reunion. A big hello to everybody. Although I can't take a 
parallel government too seriously, I remember defending one a few years back 
(91-94) that was coming out of Washington. To John Kozyn: My Ayibobo, 
Virginia  plate seems to have driven off after all these years. I can't 
locate it.
I'm sure glad the elections were held in November instead of December. There 
is a bit of festivity in the air in preparation for the holidays even though 
there are a few scattered bodies in the streets. The palace is lit up like a 
big cake. Its really quite a sight. Anyone who gets a chance should drive or 
walk by and see for themselves. Port-au-Prince is pretty dark except for the 
new public parks. I'm expecting a few demonstrations on Delmas or Carrefour 
as we get closer to Christmas by people who haven't received their end of the 
year bonuses. Hope I'm wrong.
I'm excited about RAM's 10th anniversary party on the 31st of December at the 
Oloffson. We'll even have special  t-shirts for the occasion. Ti-Koka and his 
band Wanga Negress will be performing along with RAM. We'll have Griot, 
Kabrit, banane, soup, rum, whiskey, champagne, tout bagay...
There was a wonderful reception at the Columbia School of Journalism in NYC, 
in honor of Jean Dominique. Michele Montas, his wife, received the Michael 
Hooper award from the National Coalition for Haitian Rights. Jonathan Demme 
previewed a moving excerpt from a documentary on Jean Dominique's life. It 
was good to see Corbett members there, face to face.
There is a lot of work to do in Haiti, as most of you know, and there are a 
lot of paradoxes which should some how be straightened out.
Bon Courage,
Richard Morse