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6444: Re: 6425: Poincy answers Morse's question # 1 (fwd)

From: caineve@idt.net

What ever happened to the linguists on the list?

This question is a sign that you miss the debates on the language issue.
It's all the Professor Linguist fault (no offense). You can't have a
continuing fruitful debate with no opposition. Expert linguists don't
seem to like opposition or inquiries that question their logic. Rather
than using opposition as a fuel for debates or light, they become
recalcitrant in shedding light and delve into complex linguistic twist
to explain the simplest fact about the Ayitian language.

I vehemently disagree with DeGraff's logic on the way "KREOLIST" treat
the Ayitian language and he has not provided me with any satisfiable
answer on basic questions why the standard they are trying to establish
deviate sharply from what is observed in the Ayitian real life.  Where I
can agree with DeGraff's display of linguistic technicalities, their
applications on the linguistic reality of Ayiti remain capricious and

Ever since I threw in the towel on the Ayitian language issue, DeGraff
has lost steam big time and has not brought much light to us. Maybe he
is too busy or others won't ask much if he speaks, not that they don't
have questions that make sense, but due to reverence to expertise or
fear of being shut by linguistic technicalities being displayed. If the
linguists hear you, I don't know really what they can come up without
any pertinent questions that make them raise their eyebrows. If you
really want to hear them, put some daring questions on the table, but at
the risk to be "ostracized".

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live