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6470: Corbett headed for NY. List may be down until Sunday.

Folks, I'm headed to NY to the American Philosohical Association
Meetings with the delightful task of interviewing 12 candidates
for MY POSITION.  Ah, delights.  I've had this position in the
philosophy department of Webster University for 36 years and now I'm

I'm also extremely excited to be visiting with some folks from
the Corbett list who live and work in NY.

I will take my laptop along with me, but I may or may not get
much chance to get on-line.  With six interviews each of
two days, it will be a bit exhausting.

However, assuming no snows that strand me somewhere, I'll be
back up on Sunday the 31st for ONE WEEK, then back off-line
the following Sunday, Jan. 7th, while I'm in transition to
my home for the whole of 2001, Vienna, Austria.

Busy times!

Thanks for your patience during these delays.

Bob Corbett