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6472: Re: 6424: Re: Fonkoze branch in Hinche (fwd)

From: Dave Fonda <fonphoto@snip.net>

>I have heard that Fonkoze is considering opening a branch in Hinche.  Is
>this true?

I have just received word from Anne Hastings, Director General of Fonkoze 
in Port-au-Prince:

>Please tell everyone (including Corbett) the Hinche branch opened on Dec 4th. 
>There was a VERY successful inauguration which many, many people attended. 
>Activity has been greater than expected for the first several weeks thanks to 
>the hard work of Thomas Profil, the director.
>Thanks, Anne

Despite the troubles and uncertainties, Fonkoze is alive and well......   
and growing!

R E S P E C T;

     Dave Fonda

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