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6475: Snow-bound Corbett back home from New York: list to recommence

Folks, after an extra day in New York thanks to a wonderful and beautiful
snow, I'm back in St. Louis and will begin today to catch up the many,
many mailings to the list.

Thanks to the generous hospitality of list-member Janet Higbie I was
able to meet a large number of the New York subscribers and had a simply
marvelous evening with them.  I thank all who braved the cold to come
to the gathering, and especially thank Janet for the delightful evening.

In addition we of the Webster University philosophy department interviewed
13 candidates to take my job, and we had some simply awesome people
among them.  Now I will be mainly out of the selection process since
I'll be in Vienna a week from today, but the department will soon
invite our three top candidates to Webster University to meet the
faculty, students, administrators and for them to see us close up.

Hopefully by March my replacement will have signed on the dotted
line for the fall semester of 2001.

Okay, messages will start flowing during the day, let's get back
to it!!!

Happy New Year to you all.

Bob Corbett