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6481: CIA involvement (fwd)

To: corbetre@webster.edu
Subject: CIA involvement 

Perhaps a more interesting investigation might be the Harlan County. There 
you have a situation where the American Executive branch and the Pentagon 
were sending the Harlan County into Port-au-Prince, only to be repelled by 
FRAPH/CIA. The ensuing commotion led to the death of Justice minister, Guy 
Malary. The embassy, during the early years of the Clinton administration 
seemed  very much at odds with Clinton policy to the point of reporting that 
the rape and repression going on in Haiti was a cultural thing. There is a 
lot of photographic evidence of the participants of the Harlan County debacle 
and the New York press had been advised ahead of time by Americans that 
something was going to go down. How can one branch of the American government 
sabotage Executive policy with no repercussions?

Richard Morse