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6487: WHITE HOUSE - HAITI Dec 28, 2000 (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

For Immediate Release
                 December 28, 2000

                                      STATEMENT BY THE PRESS SECRETARY

                      Last week, Special Envoy Tony Lake led a delegation to Port-au-Prince
                 to meet with President Preval, President-elect Aristide and Haitian
                 opposition leaders.  During a series of meetings, President-elect Aristide
                 committed to rectify the problems associated with the May 21 elections,
                 create a credible electoral council, enhance counter-drug cooperation,
                 professionalize the police force and judiciary, strengthen democratic
                 institutions and protect human rights, install a broad-based government,
                 initiate a new dialogue with the international financial institutions, and
                 negotiate a new agreement for the repatriation of illegal migrants.  He has
                 written to the President confirming his commitment to these significant
                 steps.  Their implementation can mark a new beginning for Haiti?s
                 democratic future.