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6479: Where are the Haitians...?? (fwd)

From: FAedouard@aol.com

As a wallflower..I greatly enjoy the discussions among the various active 
participants on the list..However, something which has caught my curiosity 
for some time is that the discussions appear to be dominated (or more active) 
by non-Haitians or people with non-Haitian names. Of the Haitians that post, 
the majority appear to be living outside of Haiti. The exception appears to 
be Richard Morse, who is not only in Haiti but a very popular musician.

Can this be a symptom of something else? Does this not slant the discussion? 
Is the Haitian in Haiti viewpoints represented on the list? Are we still 
afraid or have we forgotten?  If you are an American or Haitian posting from 
Nebraska "Haitian" standards your postings are anonymous.