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6497: NY Corbett list meeting (fwd)

From: C & C Horwitz <chorwitz@earthlink.net>

    Following Bob Corbett's historic fist visit to New York with us last
Thursday, a dozen of us agreed that it would be nice to have a regular
monthly  get together with fellow Corbetters. We will ask everyone to
bring some food or drink to share each fourth Thursday at different
venues. So far, Jocelyn McCalla of NCHR, Tom Driver and Charley Horwitz
of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture have offered to host a
monthly session. We will ask Corbetters to recruit people to talk about
Haiti-related topics for each gathering. Our first event is scheduled
for Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 6 PM at the National Coalition for
Haitian Rights, 275 7th Avenue, 17th Floor, NYC, 212-337-0005. We would
like to have a speaker or two each session. Our own Guy Antoine, who
observed the recent presidential elections in Jeremie, will share his
impressions of the elections on January 25th. Contact
chorwitz@earthlink.net if you have any questions, comments or
suggestions for speakers.